What are Orthodontic (Braces) Treatments?

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Movable Appliance

It has obvious advantages in terms of comfort. Since they are performed in a laboratory environment, the treatment time of the person in the chair is short. It can be removed if desired. It does not constitute an obstacle in your personal life, meetings, speeches and similar special situations.

The disadvantage is that the success of treatment mostly depends on patient compliance. Since it is removable and portable, it is much more comfortable to clean both your own teeth and the removable appliance. There is no harm as they are not adhered to the tooth surface.

Fixed Brackets

It is the treatment applied with brackets that are attached to the teeth or teeth by a specialist physician. There are multiple types of brackets. Fixed brackets cannot be attached or removed as they are attached to the surface.

The purpose of use is to obtain an aesthetic and stylish smile by aiming to arrange the teeth in a regular way and to be compatible with the face structure of the person.

Transparent Brackets

The most concerned issue in treatment is aesthetic posture. Brackets produced from porcelain have the closest color to the tooth color.

It is so transparent that it cannot be noticed in the social life of the patient. They work on the same principle as the metal brackets with low visibility. This treatment method is usually applied to adults.

Metal Brackets

Metal brackets, one of the oldest methods in orthodontic treatments, are applied by sticking the wires to the tooth surface.

It is put on and removed under the supervision of a doctor. This treatment method is easily applied to people who do not have aesthetic concerns. Since the desired load is given to the tooth with metal brackets, the treatment period is short.

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