What is an abscess?

Dental abscess, which is one of the types of diseases that occur in the roots of the teeth, is a type of abscess that is formed by the accumulation of bacterial infections in the teeth and gums.

How is an abscess treated?

Dental abscess

Antibiotic treatment can be applied first in dental abscess complaints. Then the situation that caused the abscess should be eliminated. First of all, root canal treatment is preferred for abscesses located in the root of the tooth. In some cases, root canal treatment alone may be insufficient.

In the treatment of abscess, when various applications do not produce results, implant treatment may also be considered. Hygienic cleaning of the area can bring treatment in abscesses that occur between the teeth. During this treatment, the inflammation in the abscess is drained. In addition, the root surfaces of the tooth are cleaned in order to prevent it from happening again. This procedure is a painless and very short-term abscess treatment.


Cysts are formed due to infection, eruption disorder, epithelial residues left after extraction, etc. in the teeth. Another reason is impacted teeth. The cysts enlarge by causing destruction of the bone and can reach very large sizes if they are not noticed.

When they are noticed, they must be removed. they are easy to remove because they are mostly encapsulated. The procedure is performed under local or general anesthesia, depending on the size of the cyst and its location in the jaws.

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