How is Detertrage Made?

Antalya Teeth Stone Cleaning

With ultrasonic devices, it is ensured that large tartar falls from the teeth by vibration. Then, small parts are cleaned with fine hand tools.

The application is continued by the dentist until the tooth surface becomes smooth. Then the teeth are polished by the polishing process. As a result, the factors that cause gingivitis are eliminated.

How to Polish?

Tooth polishing, called polishing, is applied after the tartar is completely cleaned over the teeth. This 15-20 minute process, which the dentist does by passing over the teeth one by one with the help of an electric brush, is called tooth polish.

In this process, it is aimed to clean the plaque, stain and food residues that adhere to the teeth from the outside and cause discoloration from the mouth and teeth with the help of a special polish paste with a brush similar to a toothbrush.

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