What is Digital Smile Design?

Antalya Digital Smile Design

Digital smile design is a form of treatment unique to the person. These applications, which are in the field of aesthetic dentistry, help the patient to eliminate the disorders in his teeth while talking and laughing. In case of deformities in the color and shape of the tooth, a more beautiful and aesthetic smile is created by applying digital smile design methods.

Appropriate treatment is applied to reduce tooth loss in case of gaping between teeth, crooked teeth, yellowed teeth and similar dental problems. Then aesthetic dentistry comes into play.

Advantages of Smile Design

Of course, the biggest advantage is that the patient will have more beautiful teeth with aesthetic tooth design. Patients who have smile aesthetics apply to this treatment to have a new smile; because they are no longer ashamed of their teeth and they start laughing by showing their teeth.

After the patient's wishes and general condition are determined and what to do, videos and photographs are taken. With the help of the software, an ideal tooth design is prepared for the person. Thus, the necessary process of how to make an application begins.

Which Treatments Are Used?

To these people, before the digital smile design application, the process of repairing tooth damage, if any, is performed. Thus, it is possible to apply the most accurate treatment method for candidates who want to have healthy teeth. If there are missing teeth, they are completed, the damage to the teeth is treated and the teeth of the person are whitened.

How Long will Hollywood Smile or Smile Makeover Take in Turkey?

Digital smile design prices vary according to the treatment to be applied to the teeth. However, the hollywood smile process also varies. If dental aesthetics is required and implants will be used, especially in patients who need a lot of treatment, the treatment is carried out successfully.

After the discoloration problems in the teeth and the completion of the missing teeth, aesthetic details are passed. Broken teeth, irregular spaces and other details that create defects in the patient's smile are cleaned and the treatment is started.

Whichever method is suitable for the patient in veneer and tooth correction is selected. For this reason, the treatment of everyone will be completed by planning individually.

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Natural Smiles With Dent Laracity

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