What is Fiber-Post Therapy?

Fiber post treatment is a method performed in cases where the damage to any tooth is too much. It is a treatment that is usually done when all parts of the tooth are destroyed and only a small part remains.

Antalya Fiber-Post Applications

The remaining part is so small that it is not possible to fill the remaining part. In cases where all parts of the tooth are destroyed, the presence of a solid root is sufficient for the application of the treatment.

Fiber-Post Types

  • Glass fiber posts
  • Quartz fiber posts
  • Polyethylene fiber posts
  • Aramid fiber posts

How is Fiber-Post Made?

Root canal treatment must be done first in order to apply a fiber post. After the root canal treatment is started and the inflammation is cleaned up to the root tips, a special material called a post is mounted inside this canal.

Since it goes down to the root, it provides a support directly inside the tooth. It gives very successful results in cases that are called substance loss and that the tooth is deformed.

Fiber post treatment is seen as a solution to many oral problems, especially tooth fractures. Thanks to the fiber post rods, the tooth is strengthened and strengthened from root to head, resulting in a long-term lifetime.

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