Antalya Single Session Root Canal Treatment

Single Session Root Canal Treatment

  • In the first stage of the treatment, local anesthesia is applied until the area to be treated is completely anesthetized. Although mostly 1 or 2 needles are sufficient, in some cases up to 3 needles can be applied.
  • The caries in the hard tissue is completely cleaned with the help of special equipment, at this stage, the intact tissue is not touched as much as possible.
  • With the help of instruments inserted through the cavity opened in the tooth, first the inflamed tissue and then all the nerves remaining in the root canal are removed.
  • Root canals cleaned from nerves are washed with the help of various solutions. At this stage, the aim is to purify the channels from inflammation.
  • If the dentist thinks that a single session is sufficient, the tooth is closed with a filling and the treatment ends.

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