Antalya Frenectomy

If the area where the lip connection adheres to the gum is very close to the tooth, undesirable situations such as separation between the teeth, recession in the gums may occur as a result of the pulling action of the lip-gingival connection during lip movements such as speaking or laughing.

In such cases, the lip-gingival connection can be shortened by a simple surgical procedure called frenectomy.

How Is Frenectomy Treated?

In high adhesion extending to the gingival margin, the tension on the frenum may damage the gingival groove, causing a periodontal pocket or gingival recession.

If the frenum causes periodontal destruction by pulling the gingival margin or if there is an orthodontic requirement, it should be surgically removed (frenectomy) or its attachment site replaced (frenotomy). It is conventionally performed using a scalpel or soft tissue lasers.

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