Impacted (Bone/Mucosa Retention) Tooth Extraction

Impacted tooth or Impacted tooth is generally referred to as the inability of the teeth to come out of the jawbone. Some of these teeth are seen at the level of the gums, and sometimes there are cases where they are completely inside the jawbone.

How Are Impacted Teeth Extracted?

Antalya Impacted Tooth Extractions

The type and duration of this treatment changes in case of impacted tooth extraction in the patient's tooth, its depth in the bone, its effect on other teeth and any damage it may cause in the tissue.

Sleep time is possible with the sedation given by the doctor, and the most appropriate time to remove the impacted teeth in the person is when the patient does not show any symptoms and there is no infection.

If there is severe pain and pressure, this is an indication of inflammation in the person. This inflammation is primarily treated by minimizing and destroying it with drugs.

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