Bad Breath (Halitosis)

Antalya Bad Breath

Halitosis (bad breath) is the bad odor emanating from the mouth that disturbs the person and the people around him, both in the home and work environments.

Halitosis (bad breath) affects people's communication with their social environment negatively and causes a loss of self-confidence. That's why a fresh breath is important.

Studies show that men have more Halitosis (bad breath) problems than women. Prostheses used in advanced age groups are more common due to loss of fluidity of saliva, poor oral hygiene, and diseases.

Other Reasons That May Cause Halitosis (bad breath)

    Other Halitosis - bad breath causes includes:

  • Gum damage or diseases
  • Tooth decays/cavities
  • Dental implants in poor condition and poorly cleaned dentures
  • Decreased saliva, thyroid disorders
  • Oral cancers
  • Fungal infections, bacteria, and plaque formation in the mouth
  • Nose and nasal concha, sinusitis, postnasal drip
  • Tonsillitis and tonsil disorders
  • Disturbances in the stomach and intestinal systems (such as reflux and gastritis…)
  • Odor (morning breath) due to prolonged starvation
  • Use of alcohol, cigarettes, and tobacco products
  • Dry mouth
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney ailments
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There may be reasons such as

Smoking is one of the important factors that cause odor in the mouth, as it causes tooth and gum diseases. In addition, excessive smoking leads to a hairy tongue, which causes the retention of tobacco odor and food residues, increasing the risk of bacteria and infection.

Halitosis (bad breath) can be a symptom of which diseases?

Bad breath is not a disease. However, as the bad breath causes can be the above diseases, bad breath can also be a symptom of many diseases. Bad breath odor may occur depending on the food you eat is considered normal. However, attention should be paid to bad breath caused by pathological conditions. In particular, bad breath reminiscent of acetone-fruit odor in diabetics and bad breath reminiscent of ammonia odor in kidney diseases is quite prominent.

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Bad Breath Treatment - Halitosis Treatment Methods

There are home remedies for bad breath. One of the underlying causes of bad smell from mouth may be the lack of proper oral hygiene. Required hygiene can be provided with simple but effective methods such as daily cleaning the teeth in the best way and using dental floss and mouthwash.

Using fluoride-containing toothpaste, teeth should be brushed three times a day for at least 2 minutes. In individuals who do not brush and floss regularly, food residues remain in the mouth, causing odor. In such cases, plaque builds up on the teeth and can irritate the gums if not cleaned. It can even form plaque-filled pockets between your teeth and gums. After each meal, the spaces between the teeth should be cleaned with dental floss. If necessary, the mouth should be rinsed using anti-bacterial mouthwashes.

Tongue care is as important as dental care. The tongue can trap odor-producing bacteria or harbor odor-causing bacteria and food debris. To clean the bacteria on the tongue, the tongue should be brushed with specially produced tongue cleaning brushes during the day.

Dentures that are not cleaned regularly or fitted properly can also cause odor. After a thorough cleaning, removable dentures should be removed at night and worn the next day.

Water consumption prevents dry mouth by stimulating saliva production. This helps to clean the bacteria in the mouth.

Water consumption during the day is also among the factors that can cause halitosis (bad breath). Drinking water stimulates saliva production, which helps clear bacteria in the mouth.

Suppose bad breath develops due to tooth decay. In that case, the dentist can treat infection in the gums, dental calculus, or bad breath by applying the most appropriate dental treatment methods. Teeth should be cleaned once a year in dental clinic.

Bad breath (halitosis) can be caused by smoking. Therefore, the habit of smoking should be stopped or at least reduced.

Healthy foods should be consumed and should be fed at regular intervals and balanced.

If the heavy odor does not disappear despite good oral and dental health care, then the odor may be a harbinger of some diseases. For your dental health, it is recommended to have oral and dental examinations twice a year.

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