Teeth Cleaning And Polishing?

Antalya Teeth Cleaning

When we neglect our daily cleaning of teeth and mouth, food residues accumulating on and between teeth produce bacteria over time. This formed bacterial plaque hardens by combining with saliva and thus the formation of dental calculus takes place.

Dental calculus, whose cleaning is neglected, can cause gingivitis and gingival diseases, as well as causing a bad appearance in the future. For this reason, dental calculus should be cleaned as soon as possible.

How is Teeth Stone Cleaning and Polishing Performed?

In scaling cleaning, the dentist decides to do what is necessary among the standard or advanced types of dental cleaning by conducting an oral examination of the patient. The treatment is mostly done with some ultrasonic and periodontal instruments without the use of anesthesia. In the cleaning process, plaque and tartar are removed from between your teeth and from your gum line, and then polishing is applied to prevent tartar formation and shine your teeth.

If necessary during tartar cleaning, the spaces between the teeth are cleaned with dental floss. In addition, the root surfaces of some teeth may need to be cleaned. In this case, it removes the tartar from the area in a controlled manner.

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