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Antalya Dental Implant Treatments

Standard implant treatment is tooth roots made of titanium designed to correct tooth deficiencies. It consists of 3 parts as implant, titanium screw, abutment and prosthesis.

The side of the implant, which is made of titanium and acts as a tooth root, is the part inside the bone. The prosthesis abutment forms a support for the prosthesis that is screwed to the titanium root in the bone and will be attached to it.

Today, dental implants are made of titanium. Titanium is a material that has the ability to fuse with the bone without causing any allergic reaction in the body and has the durability to resist chewing forces.

What is All On 4 Implant?

All On 4 implant is a procedure that provides fixation of the dental prosthesis on the same day on four implants placed at certain intervals in completely edentulous patients.

This technique is applied to patients who have lost all their teeth or need to be extracted and who do not have bone in the back of the jaws.

It is very important for patients to have fixed teeth on the same day. In addition, the patient should not have any disease that would prevent dental implant surgery and should have sufficient bone volume.

What is All On 6 Implant?

All on 6 dental implant treatment is used to replace all upper or lower teeth. This treatment is used to reconstruct a patient's mouth, usually done when patients have lost a significant number of teeth in one or both jaws.

This process gives the patient the possibility to replace all their teeth with six natural-looking dental implants. The All-on-6 implant usually does not require bone grafting. Therefore, it is the best solution for patients with low bone density or volume in the jaw. The All-on-6 treatment offers patients a stronger, healthier alternative to dentures.

Where is the Best Place in Turkey for Dental Implants?

Turkey is one of the countries worth seeing in terms of tourism. You can also choose Turkey for both a vacation and dental treatment.

Standard implant, All on four dental implant and All on six implant treatment is a type of treatment that can be done in many cities of Turkey. In this case, you need to find the answer to the question “Where is the best place in Turkey for your dental implants?” In this regard, Antalya is the best of the cities where you can both enjoy your treatment and have a wonderful holiday.

Antalya is one of the cities where health tourism is most developed. You can have a low cost holiday in Antalya, Turkey, and have standard implant, All on 4 and All on 6 treatment at one of the best clinics, Dentlara City. If you want to have implant treatment or other dental treatments in Turkey, contact us!

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